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Resilient, Agile, and Dedicated Security Solutions is Here for Your Cyber Security Needs

E-Mail Threat Protection

Managed Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Get your employees aware and prepared to do their part in your security posture.

Device Patching

Minimizing your risks one patch at a time with our built-in patch management solution.


Utilizing state of the art tooling we prevent and react to threats to keep your devices safe.

Email Security

Protect yourself from dangerous links and attachments arriving via phishing email.

Endpoint Management

Our all-in-one solution with endpoints will leave you feeling confident that your devices are secure and protected.

File Backup

Have your files safely backed up and restored in the event of any issue facing your devices.

About US

R.A.D. Security aims to not just be another service provider, but rather a partner which you can trust. We help Small Businesses get prepared and improve their cyber security solutions – from Malware Protection to Cyber Security Awareness Training. We are focused on providing a better, more dedicated experience for our customers.



Guided by our company’s foundational pillars, our solutions will ensure that you are ready to tackle today’s threats.


Organizational resiliency is paramount in facing today’s variety of threats. Whether it be defending against these threats or recovering from them, we want to prepare you to able to bounce back and maintain business operations.


We experience unprecedented amounts of change within our ever-connected world. Our agility allows us to prepare your company’s environment for the newest threats and techniques that surface everyday.


Having once served our country, we now look to serve our clients with the same amount of dedication. Through the values and lessons we’ve learned we strive to provide your company with excellent security services.

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