The Company

R.A.D. Security LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company that specializes in providing security services and cyber awareness training to small and medium sized businesses. Whether you need training for your users or to secure your devices, by utilizing our expertise we will ensure you are prepared to face today’s constantly evolving threats. We are dedicated to serving our clients and enhancing your security posture. If you are interested in our services.

The Logo

Our logo represents more than a colorful graphic. We can attribute numerous qualities to it, but it primarily embodies our belief in the Rule of Three and the strength provided by a triangular structure. This, combined with our promise of being Resilient, Agile, and Dedicated, empowers us to build a strong foundation that will last.

The Vision

Our vision is to comprehensively understand the needs of our small business community. We strive to empower individuals and organizations to pursue success within cyber security and information technology. Each of us help and give back within the communities we live to help foster the larger goal of bettering our community for all who live in it.

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