Being Aware of Ransomware

Ransomware is as scary as it sounds. Your team rushes in to tell you that there is awful news. The computers flash a warning message asking for Bitcoin. The company data is encrypted and lost. You have no plan for what to do next. It will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to get them back. It has happened repeatedly, and it has been steadily increasing[1]. This form of exploitation does not have to be as destructive as it is. By having good practices in place you can have confidence because your organization will be ready if the day ever comes.

It’s estimated that 94% of ransomware is delivered by email[2]. This indicates that interaction from your employees will be a concern. Are your users aware of these threats? If not, it may cost you your business and your reputation to clients. User education combined with phishing tests is a must if you want to keep your company safe. Since email is ubiquitous, it can reach most employees within your organization. If the technological defenses do fail, then your employees might be your only option to catch malicious emails that get through [3].

These are solutions you can implement yourself but they can be time-consuming and require oversight on your part because of their comprehensive nature. By utilizing a partner to manage this program you will take the burden off your shoulders, and that is what we are here to do.

We utilize comprehensive monthly training and phishing tests that tailor to the weaknesses of each user. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you are taking the vital steps to help protect your organization. R.A.D. Security has trained and certified professionals to help test your organization’s preparedness for cyber threats even beyond ransomware. By assisting at the human and tech levels and by using robust solutions, we help you prepare and stay safe. Feel free to contact us at




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