Our Plans


Your Daily Essentials
$ 25
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Remote Monitoring and Management


Robust Protection
$ 85
  • Essentials Plan
  • Password Management
  • Email Security and Protection
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training

Business Premium

Above and Beyond
$ 145
  • Business Plan
  • File System Backup
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Access & Authentication Management
Services may also be combined a la carte to suit your particular needs.


Preventing, being proactive, and reacting to threats to keep you safe is our priority. With our next-generation solutions, we utilize a comprehensive suite of tools to make sure that your devices are safe from malicious hacking attempts.

E-Mail Security and Protection

Prevent, Detect, and Remediate against malicious or suspicious e-mails entering your inbox. Combined with our Security Awareness Training, you and your organization will be prepared when a phishing attack occurs.


We enable you and your employees to gain insight into common cyber threats and to protect themselves and your organization from potential threats. Through managed training campaigns and simulated phishing, we can develop and tailor to your organization’s needs.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Securely and remotely manage your devices to ensure they are up to date with the latest software updates and patches.

Web Protection

From stopping malware to increasing productivity. Another layer of protection to block access to malicious websites and prevent inadvertently downloading malware or other threats.

Password Management

Conveniently improve the security of your accounts by properly managing your company's passwords. Store and manage passwords for multiple systems and accounts, which can save time and make it easier for you to access the resources you need.

Access & Authentication Management

Implementing multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and context-based access policies can improve the security of your accounts and add convenience to logging into various systems.

File Backup

Accidentally deleted that important file or suffered from a system failure? Don’t worry, we have your back(up). We can have your files safely stored and retrievable in the event of any issue facing your devices. Your workstations are covered so you can focus on your business goals and not on worrying about data loss.

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