Managed Awareness Training

Managed Awareness Training

Protect your Users

Security awareness training is a vital component of any effective cyber security strategy. It helps educate employees about the importance of online safety and their role in protecting your company's data. By investing in security awareness training, small business owners can reduce the risk of a security breach and protect their company's sensitive information.

In addition, well-trained employees will be better equipped to spot and report potential threats, which can further improve the security of your business. Don't leave your company's security to chance - invest in security awareness training today and give your business the protection it deserves.

Find the Baseline

Preliminary testing to see the percentage of users that could potentially fall victim to a phishing attack.

Train Your Employees

Utilize a large library of security awareness training resources to best educate your employees.

Simulate the phish

Deliver realistic, yet simulated, phishing attacks against your employees to see if they are prepared.

See the Results

Easy to read reports, statistics, and graphs to show you the results of your training efforts.

Managed Awareness Training

The Benefits

Reduce the risk of a breach: Proactively train employees to help stop potential threats from becoming major incidents.

Protect sensitive company data: Help employees understand the importance of protecting valuable company information.

Maintain your reputation: Hacked email accounts or loss of information erodes customer trust in your business.

Protect your Users

Why R.A.D. Security?

Cyber threats have grown in frequency and complexity. Expertise is required to properly manage and monitor today's comprehensive security suites and tools. We want you to focus on running your business, and not worrying about whether or not you'll fall victim to a cyber attack.

By partnering with R.A.D. Security, you gain someone you can trust and depend on to manage your security awareness training for your business.

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